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Julius Ohta is an illustrator, comic book artist and designer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Same old story -- I draw since forever. When I grew up, I decided to get in the design college. It was in 1996. Sooner, I was drawing for living and I became an illustrator, so it's been my job since then. Wow, it's been 20 years! I'm not that old, just started very young.

I worked for a lot of top agencies as a freelancer illustrator such as Young & Rubican, Leo Burnett, FCB, Fischer, Publicis, Age, Wunderman, and so many others. Some doesn't even exist anymore. I had the honour to work for the most incredible clients such as Ford, Sony, Henkel, Danone, Nestlé, TAM the number is endless.

I am very proud of some jobs. I know that some of them won a Lion in Cannes Festival, others appeared in publications, but to be honest I don't know exactly which ones. Once I was invited for Lüerzer's Archive team to figure their publication "200 Best Illustrators Worldwide" and then I was there. It happened twice, in 2005/06 and 2007/08. For quite a while I was the illustrator with the most number of insertions in their publications as well.

In 2013 I decided to make something new and started a new company named "O Pinguim Tá Com Frio". Believe me it's a catchy name, it's something like "The Penguin is Felling Cold". My lovely wife is my partner in this crime. I create de product lines and think on productions strategies. It's something new and challenging.

Since forever I have a parallel life as a comic book artist. I think it is about time to assume that this is my real passion and build my future in this area. I have a lot to prove yet.

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